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After an exciting day outdoors, let yourself be cuddled by the warmth of our steam room or a Jacuzzi with Cabernet, in a picturesque setting among barrels of ageing wine..


Shiatsu developed in the twentieth century in Japan combining traditional massage forms and modern methods of Western origins. The real roots of Shiatsu are to be found in the knee-jerk reaction of touching a painful part, because Shiatsu stimulates the capacity for self-healing.

Shiatsu is not a therapy, it is not necessary "to be sick" to justify it and in no way does it replace a normal medical treatment, it works on the entire person, not symptoms, it is compatible with any other course of treatment, and helps improving mental and physical balance, resulting in increased wellbeing.


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    Reservations can be cancelled up to four hours in advance. Should cancellations not be made within this deadline, you will be charged 100% of the treatment you have chosen.


    Steam Room 15 min. Our steam room is equipped with colour therapy and relaxing and balancing lights; for this reason, it has multiple benefits and is particularly suitable for sensory rebalancing, deep cleansing of the skin and of the respiratory tract.

    Emotional Shower 8 min. This is not a common shower, but is an original and unique treatment, associated with a steam room. By using water, colours, lights, essences and tropical aromas, the emotional shower gives a feeling of well-being and peace. All this is done by using elements that, combined with plain water, relax the brain synapses and give pleasant and unique feelings. Imagine getting into your emotional shower and seeing soothing light compositions, smelling the natural aromas of nature, feeling the spray of water on the skin that changes intensity depending on the lights and projected colours of the shower, and then imagine finding yourself in a light mist of wild mint; this is our emotional shower.

    Jacuzzi with mineral salts 15 min. Our Jacuzzi combines the benefits and pleasure of a salt bath with that of a light massage. This bath cleanses not only the body, but the mind too, nourishing the tissues and giving tone to the muscles, thanks to a light water massage. This treatment also helps to restore energy.

    Cabernet Wine Therapy 15 min. Cabernet is one of the best antioxidants: thanks to its properties, it helps preserve the skin and activates blood circulation. A wine bath can also be combined with an invigorating jacuzzi.

    Hydrosonic Massage 15 min. The Hydrosonic massage is the evolution of the Jacuzzi, combining the traditional water and air massage with the beneficial action of a beam of ultrasounds emitted from each nozzle. The ultrasounds' action makes it possible to combine a surface massage, the traditional hydromassage, with an even deeper massage which arrives to the underlying layers of the epidermis and affects every single cell. The Hydrosonic massage allows us to carry out four different types of massage: a beauty massage - massage after sport - toning massage and anti-stress massage.

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